Building a TECH Workforce

Ensuring that our companies are on the leading edge with technology by providing a technologically-educated workforce.

State-of-the-Art Robotics Training for your Workforce

We are truly committed to providing top-notch education and building a strong robotics workforce. The RTP is here to ensure that our state is "Ahead of the Game." If your company is operating in the field of robotics, you definitely don't want to miss out on all that we have to offer!

Training at NO-COST

We provide our services to our Alabama business clients at no cost to the company or the employee.

Latest Technology

We train on the latest technology and encourage our clients to request training that best benefit them.

Outreach Initiatives

We are focused on the future by introducing k-12 students, teachers, and parents to the Robotics industry.

From 2009, we have been putting in the work for a bright future in robotics

Our staff is highly skilled in areas like PLC, Mechatronics, VR, and Robotic welding. They have the skills and experience to take on training for your workforce, with results.

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3 Facilities & Several Services

Our campus is comprised of 3 facilities that house several services for our business clients. From training to robotics research & development, we are providing the resources necessary to move Alabama forward.

Robotics Maintenance Training Center

The bulk of our training is housed in this facility, along with our conference rooms and meeting rooms.

The Advanced Research & Development Center

We are providing dedicated space for organization involved in R&D of robot/automation technologies.

The Integration, Entrepreneurial & Paint Training Center

We place great emphasis on delivering high-quality education in the area of robotic paint training to our clients.

Mobile Robotics Training Lab

Introducing students, parents, and teachers to the world of robotics by exposing them to the latest technology used in our state.
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Military Transition Program

Connecting military members, veterans, and their spouses who are transitioning to civilian careers with training.

AWS Welding Test

Our facility serves as a Certified AWS (American Welding Society) Test Facility to provide testing for welders certification.
There are Benefits to a Trained Workforce

We know that technology isn't going anywhere so why not ensure that the citizens of Alabama are prepared for a more tech-saavy working experience? The RTP is where your company can come to ensure that you stay current with the latest skills in this industry.

Qualified Instructors

Our training staff is comprised of individuals who have worked in the industry and with the technology for a number of years.

Industry 4.0

We are focused on the technology to come, including smart factories, 3D printing, Virtual Reality and more.

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Latest News

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Oxford High School’s Summer Industrial Robotics Bootcamp partners with the RTP & AIDT

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Alabama to get new $30mil EV training center at the RTP

Alabama to get new $30mil EV training center at the RTP

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AIDT Assistant Director, Kevin Taylor, Role Expanded

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