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Accredited Test Facility

Accredited Testing Facility

The AWS Accredited Test Facility program provides access to portable welding credentials for code welders.  Welders can test on a number of code-specific supplements that pattern themselves after the qualification requirements of those specific codes.  A special feature allows welders to certify to non-code or company-specific welding procedures, allowing for flexibility in a rapidly changing regulatory climate.

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Supplements are available in the following industries:

What is required?

Upon successful completion of a test, a copy of the welder’s qualification test record will be forwarded to AWS. Testers must pay a fee to AWS and AWS will issue a certification card to the welder. The Welder’s name will be entered into the National Registry of AWS Certified Welders, which is available to all who require it.  AWS Certified Welders will maintain their certification by periodically sending in a form that attests to their continued use of the welding process to which they were originally certified. All testing is done on-site at the RTP.

Patrick Witt

RTP Instructor

Please call for any questions or concerns.

Is this testing free?

No. Testers must pay a fee to AWS, through this website, and AWS will issue a cerificate card to the welder.

How long does the test take?

Please allow 4-6 hours for testing time.

Can I take the test if I don't live in Alabama?

Yes, Individuals who do not live in the state of Alabama can still sign-up for testing. There is a $50 fee for all out-of-state testers.


Below are the different test available and the cost for each test. All non-Alabama testers are required to pay an additional $50 charge.

  • 3/8" Carbon Plate
    3/8" Carbon Plate $35 / each person
  • 1" Carbon Plate
    1" Carbon Plate $45 / each person
  • 6" Sch. 80 Carbon Pipe
    6" Sch. 80 Carbon Pipe $65 / each person
  • 6" Sch. 80 Stainless Pipe
    6" Sch. 80 Stainless Pipe $85 / each person

Available Welding Dates

Date Instructor
August 12, 2024 Witt
August 13, 2024 Witt
August 14, 2024 Witt
August 15, 2024 Witt
September 3, 2024 Witt
September 4, 2024 Witt
September 5, 2024 Witt
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Welding Test Request

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