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Are you interested in learning more about the Alabama Robotics Technology Park? We offer free tours of our facilities, for parties interested in learning more about our services.  Simply complete the form on this page and our staff will contact you for booking.  We want to make sure that your visit to the park is informative and enjoyable.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or send us an email at  We’re always happy to help!

Tour Policy

We ask that all interested parties adhere to the tour policy put forth by the staff of the RTP. Our policy is written to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and our facilities. Each tour takes approximately thirty-five (35) minutes to complete. Please read the following information carefully.

Tours are offered free of charge.  Please note that submission of this form does not ensure a tour reservation. It is a request for a tour, and we will contact you soon to make tour arrangements and provide you with an official confirmation.  There is NO tour reservation until an official confirmation is received.  If you have questions or if you haven’t heard from us within five (5) business days, please contact Lisa Stockton at 256-642-2600 or

This form cannot be used to request conference rooms, presentation rooms, or classrooms.  To request a classroom, please complete the  Facility Use Form.

Tour Request Form
Tour Request Form
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