Mobile Robotics Training Lab

a hands-on experience on wheels

Introduction to Robotics

Explore the world of robotics with Mobile Robotics Training Lab - an 18-wheeler truck that houses the latest technology. Embark on an exciting journey that inspires curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills while discovering the fascinating ways in which robotics connects to the real world. Learn about the boundless career opportunities available in this field.

Our Audience

We encourage schools, churches, local auxiliaries, or just about any group to request the Mobile Robotics Training Lab to visit your location. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about the industry.

How to reserve the MRTL

Reserving the Mobile Robotics Training Lab is easy and at no charge to the requester. Just complete the form on this page and we will reach out to you.

What's in the Lab?

The Mobile Robotics Training Lab is equipped with the latest technology that can be found in many of our in-demand jobs in the state. We want to give individuals a hands-on experience to the world of technology in the workplace.

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This technology is widely used in the manufacturing industry and holds one of the in-demands jobs.

Forklift Simulator

Experience hands-on how it feels to operate a forklift in a manufacturing environment.

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Virtual Welding

Using special goggles, a virtual welder, and special technology, learn how to weld without the need for fire.

And more...

There are several other robotics and technology to explore in the robotics mobile training lab.

Automation robotics

MRTL Requirements

We encourage school officials, students, and parents to visit our Mobile Training unit when it’s in your area. We recommend a maximum of thirty (30) students per class on the trailer and each class is allowed 20-30 minutes inside. There should be at least one (1) adult accompanying the students while they are in the Mobile lab, Accommodation for the Mobile Lab must be furnished by the requester, which includes the following:

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