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Robotics Training

Select from a collection of robotics courses for your employees to gain knowledge to grow the industry.

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Facility Resources

From R&D spaces to reserving meetings room, we provide our clients with the opportunities on our campus.

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Testing & Outreach

AWS welding training, outreach for our citizens to learn about robotics, which is a part of our commitment.

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Criteria for being a client

In order to reap the benefits that the RTP has to offer, your company must be an "Alabama Company". An Alabama Company is defined as a company that legally meets all state requirements and is engaged in manufacturing within the state.

A client can also be an "Alabama Company Affiliate". This means a company is physically located outside of Alabama but has a sister company located within the state of Alabama and defined as an Alabama Company.

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Who can sign up?

Plant Managers, Superintendent, HR Manager, Training Manager, Maintenance Manager, or equivalent responsible for training employees.

Client Limitation

A company can only register once as a client. Alabama Company Affiliates must coordinate training through the Alabama Company.

If your company is interested in our services and meet the criteria, complete the client registration form to be considered a client.   Once you are approved, you will receive an email with your approval status, and you will be able to log in to the website and sign up for services. 

Course Categories

The RTP boast over 60 course topics related specifically to the field of robotics and available for our clients and their employees. These courses are divided into 10 categories, all critical to the robotics manufacturing world. Browse our catalog our courses to find the courses that interest you. Don't see a course you're interested in? Drop us a message and we will try to make that course available for your workforce.

Our Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Class Event Registration

  • How can I sign up for a class at the RTP

    Companies must be a "client" of the RTP to sign up for classes. RTP classes are not available for the general public to apply.