Pneumatics- Intermediate


24 hours

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Intermediate Pneumatics  builds on basic pneumatic skills by introducing more advanced concepts such as air logic, ways to decelerate a pneumatic cylinder, and how to prevent condensation in a pneumatic circuit. Learners will have the opportunity to study these concepts while working with a hands-on training module, which enables practicing skills such as connecting and operating a two-way valve and changing an air filter element; this approach of simultaneously teaching theory and practice reinforces each element and results in a thorough understanding of the topic.

One of the major topics within the Intermediate Pneumatics’ curriculum is the maintenance of pneumatic components and systems. Because contamination of pneumatic circuits can greatly decrease performance or even breakdown certain components, learners will benefit from the industrial maintenance skills they’ll acquire from practicing on the Intermediate Pneumatics training module. Specific topics include how to select the correct air filter, how to calibrate pressure gauges, the functions of after coolers and dryers, and the process of aerosol lubrication. This pneumatic training course is presented in a multimedia format that features interactive quizzes and exercises, 3D graphics and illustrations, and audio voiceovers of all of the text.