Mechanical Power Systems I


32 hours

Min Attendee


Max Attendee



Prepares individuals to install, adjust, align, tension, operate and analyze basic mechanical power transmission drive systems using these components: motors, shafts, flexible jaw couplings, fractional horsepower (FHP) chain drives, FHP v-belt drives, spur gear drives, pillow block bearings, and flange bearings. Other key skills include: adhering to mechanical drive safety rules, mounting and leveling motors, testing and correcting for soft foot, installing components and shafts with keyways, sizing keys, aligning shafts using feeler gage and straight edge method, calculating speed and torque from component size ratios, interpreting rotary power specifications, determining mechanical efficiency, greasing bearings using a grease gun, refilling oil lubrication reservoirs, interpreting lubrication specifications, and identifying component given a model number.

SACA Certification Exam is given after successful completion of the class