The Robotics Maintenance Training Center

Teaching the fundamentals of the robotics industry.

Robotics Maintenance Training Center

Alabama Companies
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The Robotics Maintenance Training Center (Phase 1) is where we conduct several of our state-of-the-art training classes in the latest automation processes and equipment. Our trainees receive "hands-on" experience within our training sessions, familiarizing them with the latest equipment being used by Alabama industries.

Alabama Companies within the robotic's industry can register as a client and send their employees to our available courses at NO charge.

The Robotics Maintenance Training Center is also equipped with 2 conference rooms and a large auditorium that is available for use to educational and business partners. More info can be found on the Facility Use Page.

What Training is Available at the RTP

There is plenty of training available at our center for Alabama businesses with robotic processes.

PLC Training

Learn how to operate a programmable logic controller that operates assembly lines, and other production machinery

Welding Training

Robotic welding is beneficial in the manufacturing of vehicles and other major components.  

Safety Training

Learn how to work safely with robots as well as in a manufacturing environment with OSHA courses.

Vision Training

Learn how to operate the latest technology used to increase quality performance in a production environment

Robot Training

Robot Training consist of any courses that directly affect the use, maintenance, and safe useage of a robot.

Vendor-Specific Robotic Training

Cognex Vision Training

Robotic Maintenance
Training Center

Exterior View of the Maintenance Center



Inside the Robotics Maintenance Training Center

Fanuc Robot Cell

This cell is used to train our students

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Alabama Robotic Technology Park

The Alabama Robotics Technology Park is designed to close the skills gap within the robotics industry, while also ensuring that students obtain training on the latest robotic technology in the industry.

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