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AMT Live! @ the RTP FAME USA

AMT Live! @ the RTP

FAME-USA and ALABAMA FAME is hosting AMT Live! on February 27, 2019 here at the Alabama Robotics Technology Park. This event begins at 8:30am through 3:30pm CST in the Integration, Entrepreneurial, and Paint Dispense Training Center (the middle building).  The purpose of this event is to provide attendees a thorough understanding of the program and it's operational dynamics from an on-the-ground level, face-to-face with employers, students, educators, and sipporting organizations.

ALfameThe event will illustrate the 3-core college curriculum, provide valuable benchmarking information for locations considering the AMT program, illustrate the difference between their program and other educations programs and also make you aware of our impact of some of the key problems that are found by ecoomic and workforce developers regarding a skilled workforce.

AMT Live is intended for:

  • employers interested in developing a new strategy to solve key problems regarding skilled workers,
  • employers that are interested in adopting a career pathway system to support key talent needs,
  • economic/workforce developers looking for a long-term solution to concerns related to a top-tier skilled workforce,
  • educators who are interested in partnering with employers with a nationally renowned education program, and
  • educator who are interested in partering with employers in a powerful, integrated career parthway system.

The event will take place in the second building on the RTP campus. Additional Information and registration for this event can be found on their website: http://fame-usa.com or http://fame-usa.com/events/amt-live-20190227/.  


Location: Alabama Robotics Technology Park (RTP) Middle Building,
6505 Hwy 31, Decatur, AL


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