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Forklift Truck Operator Safety Training

Course Description

This is an eight-hour class consisting of blended classroom training (including virtual training) along with  hands on instruction.  The classroom portion covers the following topics:

Lift truck Fundamentals




Preoperational Inspection

General Rules of the Road

Safe Load Handling Techniques

Refueling Gasoline, Diesel and LP Lift Trucks

Battery Charging and Changing

There is a written exam at the end of the classroom session. The hands-on portion will involve pre-operational checks, followed by two circuits of the obstacle course without any major infractions.  A major infraction requires the trainee to complete the course a third time.  The hands-on portion will be done on a LP powered lift truck.

Course Objective




  • Course Length
    1 day/8 hours
  • Max Attendee
    10 max class size
  • Reminder
    Proper Clothing is required! No Shorts, No jewelry, No tank tops, No open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops! This is strictly enforced!

Alabama Robotic Technology Park

The Alabama Robotics Technology Park is designed to close the skills gap within the robotics industry, while also ensuring that students obtain training on the latest robotic technology in the industry.

6505 U.S. Hwy 31, Tanner, AL 35671

Phone: 256-642-2600



Upcoming Classes

Mar 23, 2023

Mar 27, 2023 - Mar 30, 2023

Mar 29, 2023 - Mar 30, 2023

Apr 3, 2023 - Apr 4, 2023

Apr 5, 2023

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