ABB IRC5 Basic Programming II

Course Description

The goal of this course is to provide instruction in high level programming features and techniques. Designed for students who have successfully completed the IRC5 Programming I class and who need a greater depth of knowledge. This course does not provide a review of IRC5 Programming I. This class starts where the IRC5 Programming I class left off.   Topics include Building and configuring Robot Software Online and of fline program editing Advanced declarations of modules, routines and data Programming with interrupts and traps Searching and program displacements Error handling, backward handling and undo handling Advanced motion Instruction World zones

Course Objective
After successfully completing the course, the participant should be able to:
  • Create, configure and download software
  • Create and use modules, routine and data
  • Create advanced tool center points
  • Program search instructions
  • Program position displacement instructions
  • Program error handling instructions
  • Program interrupt instructions and traps
  • Use joint configuration instructions
  • Use motion control instructions
This course is intended for students that have attended the IRC5 Programming I course but require greater ABB IRC5 Programming Iknowledge of programming features.
−System programmers or technicians with existing /
developing programming skills.



ABB IRC5 Programming I

Basic computer skills are required. Windows 98, 2000, XP knowledge is preferred. Electrical Safety Knowledge is preferred.

  • Course Length
    4 days/32 hours
  • Max Attendee
    6 max class size
  • Pass/Fail Required?
  • Certification Offered?