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FANUC M-710iC Robot Mechanical Disassembly/Reassembly

Course Description

Course Code: MTDM710iC This hands-on course provides the detailed instruction and procedures necessary for complete disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of a FANUC robot mechnical unit.



Course Objective

Course Objectives:  Students successfully completing this course will be able to:

-Diagnose robot mechanical problems to the component level

-Replace all mechanical components on the robot

-Perform adjustments on the robot

-Perform periodic maintenance on the mechanical unit

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises.  

The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, and a series of lab exercises designed to reinforce what the student has learned.  

In addition to lab exercises, a pretest and posttest are used to measure mastery of objectives.



 Prerequisites:  Previous experience or training in a related field involving mechanical disassembly, repair, and assembly of robots or machine tools.

Proper Clothing is required! No Shorts, No jewelry, No tank tops, No open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops!  This is strictly enforced!

Basic computer skills are required. Windows 98, 2000, XP knowledge is preferred. Electrical Safety Knowledge is preferred.

  • Course Length
    2 days/16 hours (1.50 CEU)
  • Max Attendee
    8 max class size
  • Pass/Fail Required?
  • Certification Offered?

Alabama Robotic Technology Park

The Alabama Robotics Technology Park is designed to close the skills gap within the robotics industry, while also ensuring that students obtain training on the latest robotic technology in the industry.

6505 U.S. Hwy 31, Tanner, AL 35671

Phone: 256-642-2600



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